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About Us

Our company is a reflection of the high degree of satisfaction we deliver to our clients and their shareholders. Without the support and feedback of our clients, LDG would not be able to continue the high level of success we have achieved so far.

Our expertise in real estate development and foreign investments ensures a high quality of work, professional standards to be met, an acute attention to detail, and a commitment to constant improvement.

At LDG, we develop products with a high standard of quality building industry and architectural design, and we seek the best solutions before and during each project. Throughout the years, we have always been recognized by:

We are present in all aspects of business and with our personal touch we ensure the success of our products. In addition, to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, we work in close collaboration with each owner throughout the process.

Our vision for strategic locations and potential investments led to the realization of Bay Harbor One and Palm Villas, two luxury developments coming soon to Bay Harbor Islands, Miami.


Our goal is to use the expertise we have acquired through 30 years of experience to bring together different investors for the development of real estate projects that result in an attractive and safe return with a marked rotation.

We aim to be an invaluable resource to developments and their investors, and guarantee their success based on our Core Values:

  1. Transparency

    The starting point of our business is the guarantee of full transparency on all investments. To fulfill this guarantee, investors have control of each of the financial transactions processed through the most adept and modern tools for tracking and monitoring. Only from transparency can we have the greatest equity: the trust of our investors.

  2. Safety

    Through excellent management processes, we minimize the risk of investment and provide a secure process with a defined range of return. To ensure this, LDG conducts a detailed study of each investment, designs each project according to each market, and provide sales projections of each investment. Additionally, exit clauses allows investors to access their cash if necessary- making investing into real estate projects even more secure.

  3. Diversification

    Investment diversification is vital when it comes to minimizing risks and maximizing returns. We analyze the markets in Different countries and different projects to atomize and diversify the business units. Using different investor groups enables us to expand our volume of investments to accommodate the different situations of every market.

  4. Profitability

    Real estate projects present an extremely attractive investment opportunity; an opportunity which currently outshines other investment options. This opportunity stems from the high profitability obtained in real estate projects worldwide and a heightened pace of rotation operations. We’ll work closely with you to maximize the investment profitability of all of your projects and ensure your success.


Our vision is to become an organization synonymous with excellence, hard work, and getting results. We seek to maintain our identity as a company that works closely with you and aligns your goals with ours.

We strive to maintain the close relationships that we create and cultivate with our clients, and constantly seek to be worthy of their trust and respect. We will do this by staying true to our core values as hard workers with an extreme attention to detail, with pride in our professionalism and work ethic, and a policy of continuous improvement.

The Team

LDG is dedicated to the management of the real estate investment business.
LDG began operation in order to fulfill the visions of developers and bring success to as many projects as possible.

Since then, LDG has grown steadily to become a highly respected company, both in the local and international markets, with offices in Buenos Aires and in Miami. Its directors have a history of success in the real estate industry, and are committed to building their company based in three fundamental aspects: excellence, quality, and accessibility.

LDG has also worked as a co-developer of Bay Harbor One and Palm Villas, both of which are projects in the exclusive island of Bay Harbor Islands in South Florida.

Our Projects

Aventura VILLAGE

Is a residential and commercial complex located on NE 26th Avenue and 193rd St, in North Miami Beach, Florida. The corridor is located in a thriving area of West Dixie Highway, just across US-1 from Aventura Mall. Aventura Village is a gated community consisting of 96 Townhomes and Garden Villas of 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms with den. In addition there will be 12 Lofts and 7,200 square feet of commercial space on NE 26th Avenue. The project will benefit from luscious landscaping as well as a gated community. Large central garden with pool. Playground, recreation area and parking space for visitors.

Coming Soon

Palm Villas

Naturally, your home should be unique as well.
PALM Villas gives you a place in paradise to live with openness, privacy, and elegance. A gated community in Bay Harbor Islands, these four-story contemporary villas offer your family a place to experience luxury in an island paradise.

Bay Harbor Islands is an exclusive location that is a fusion between the natural and the luxury world. Close to premium white-sand beaches and surrounded by shady palms, PALM Villas constantly reminds you of the island beauty that Bay Harbor Islands is immersed in. But with all of the natural beauty, also comes exclusive shopping and a contemporary home with comforts and amenities you should expect of a luxurious life.

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Bay Harbor One

Bay Harbor ONE is raised on 8 floors and features 36 magnificent modern residences. The balconies were designed to enjoy the beauty of the bay and water views. The mix between sophistication and comfort makes Bay Harbor ONE the perfect location to reside or invest in.

Bay Harbor represents a life experience inspired by nature. Bay Harbor ONE was created to enjoy the serenity and exclusivity of Bay Harbor Island and the dynamism, convenience, and glamour of Miami.

Bay Harbor Island is also privileged in having the best elementary school of Miami-Dade county. Ruth K. Broad Elementary School K 8 Center, a modern and well-equipped campus, has achieved an “A” rating for more than 15 years.

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Areas of Expertise

Land Bank

Acquisition of land in areas of high potential to add value to and then develop or sell them.


Comprehensive management of real estate development including detection of the opportunity, shaping of the investment group, land acquisition, development of the pre-construction project, construction, and marketing of the units.

Construction At Cost

Successful investment model in Latin America where developers and buyers work together to do the work at cost. The buyer acquires the unit at construction cost, which saves them money.
Now available in the US through LDG.

Commercial Properties

Specializing in opportunity detection, acquisition implementation, and management of commercial property.


Financing Legal Investing Advice and Services Finance Services


We are equipped to handle all alternatives for those who want to finance a property and we provide the best financing options (even to foreign investors) and guide them through the entire process. We work together with the bank and our investors, making sure that all the requirements and processes are met smoothly and hassle-free for all parties involved. There are different types of financing, but the most common method is through a bank, where both a citizen or legal resident can acquire funding and where they always have programs for every need.

Legal Investing Advice and Services

While it is perfectly normal to buy a personal title, most investors choose to be protected by the benefits of a corporation or LLC in the state of Florida. We are happy to explain to them the advantages and the process that this entails and we can also help them to open a business bank account if necessary. We can do this with the convenience of no traveling on the part of our clients, all communications can be made easily through email.

If needed, we offer to all our clients a mailing address and care of their chosen correspondence and notifications at no additional charge.

Finance Services

We know that sometimes investments can create some legal and financial questions. At LDG, we’ve got our investors covered, as we pride ourselves on having access to an extensive network of highly qualified and successful lawyers, accountants, and title companies- all of which are confident that they can solve any needs our clients might have on these matters.

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We are glad to announce that Bay Harbor One residences advanced last months.
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We are glad to announce that Palm Villas at Bay Harbor advanced this last months.
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